Ethos, Logos och Pathos

In What Way Will Your Company Profit if You Become Better Communicators?

To practice Practical Rhetoric helps You to persuade, see through reasoning and to acquire a feeling of security. And this in turn means customers whom are more satisfied and clients who will return as well as better communication within the company and help to evaluate various kinds of arguments.

He started speaking with a trembling voice as he fixed his eyes steadily on his notes. It is easy to imagine what it must feel like when we see the stiff movements, the tense muscles and the glossy forehead.

What if you are asked to give an oral presentation? Do you eagerly start with the new assignment filled with joy and enthusiasm; do new ideas and creative solutions pop up in your mind? Or do you find yourself in a total loss of everything risking a total failure…

If you stop for a minute, imagining yourself sitting in the conference room. You hear your name. Now it is Your turn. You rise up and feel eyes of expectation gazing at you. Does it feel good?

In the Course Practical Rhetoric Sarai Palmlöf helps you not just to become a better, more inspiring speaker but also to handle anxiety, to feel and emanate security and balance.

Every one has got the capacity to become a better speaker, to become more aware of how the message you would like to convey will be perceived, learn how to ornament your talks with various rhetorical figures which will make your audience more favorably disposed to you as a speaker. In addition you will be able to better discern what kind of message the one you listen to want to convey in reality.

Cicero claimed there were three methods with which you could win your listeners; by teaching them, by winning their approval and by touching their emotions. The old masters of rhetoric can thus help you in acquiring information and structure it in a way that will enable you to win your audience, no matter if you are to set up a business contract in China or present a report at the shareholders´ meeting and meet with their approval. This also requires certain knowledge of cultural varieties between countries.  

Ethos, Logos och Pathos

To be able to convince your audience in a credible way you need to have balance between the following three qualities, ethos (credibility),logos (the logical reasoning, the argumentation), and finally pathos (appealing to people´s emotions). You will learn more about this and also practice it during the course.

A good speaker needs to be able to master his/her anxiety and become more aware of his/her body language and voice. Demosthenes placed stones under his tongue to learn to speak more clearly and furthermore he placed a spear on his shoulders to straighten his back. Fortunately there are neater ways of becoming a good speaker today so why not attend a course and improve your own skills?