English, French, Swedish, Rhetoric, International Marketing and Business Culture

Via YOUR computer, AT a DISTANCE using Adobe Connect , the ultimate web tool conferences used by most big universities and companies worldwide, (this makes it possible for you to study these course anywhere in the world where you happen to stay).

Then we suggest you contact us at since we offer:

PRIVATE TUITION & HOMEWORK AID for you or your children who would like to reach the goals for different school subjects in English, (Engelska steg 1-7, level A1-C2, plus mother tongue), French, steg 1-7, level A1-C2 and Rhetoric, (in Sweden, Retorik 100 points, Språk specialisering - Retorik a samt Språk specialisering - Retorik b), International Marketing and Business Culture, International Economy, ( Internationell Ekonomi 100 p), International Relations, (Internationella relationer 100 p), Conflict Solving, Social Science, (Samhällskunskap level 1-3) and Business according to the Swedish standard curriculum set by the Swedish National Agency for Education in 2011. Furthermore, we offer courses in Swedish at all levels, A1-C2.

We always base our help and education on the requirements established by the Swedish National Agency for Education as well as The Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), but if you live someplace else in the world we will willingly adapt to the requirements that have been established for your specific courses.

Sarai is a fully qualified teacher in English, French and Rhetoric who has also studied in France for two years. The past four years she has worked for the Swedish Schools Inspectorate checking English tests level B1, B2. Her long experience from the upper secondary level, the university, the compulsory school, teaching adults and teaching at companies enables her to give you individual training to help you reach your personal goals.

Irrespective of your needs we can offer personal help. Do you need to learn basic grammar or building sentences or simply practise talking the language you already know? Would you like to improve in describing environments, people and events? Learn how to structure and writing a review, a summary, a news article, writing a report or argumentative essay? Do you need to be able to improve your capacity of motivating and add some nuances to your opinions and thereafter draw proper conclusions? Analysing literature? Or do you prefer to get a deeper understanding of how to present something in a more nuanced manner and from a different point of view, commenting on a written message or to be able to adapt more fully to a purpose, a receiver or a situation as you talk and interact?

Independent of your specific needs and wishes we will do our utmost to help you:


WHEN? It is up to you when you would like to meet your teacher and what weekday. You can be up to 3 people during the lessons but that means that you will have less personal time for development.

WHERE? At your place, at the public library in Halmstad, or via Adobe Connect on your personal computer. The only thing you will need is Adobe Flash which is free.

HOW? We create individual teaching material depending on your specific needs.

STUDY SESSION LENGTH?It is up to your personal choice and needs but the lessons will always be charged for at least a 90 minute period.

ADDITIONAL COSTS?If you would like help outside Halmstad city there is an additional cost of 100 SEK and for the rest of Halland and Skåne the fee is 18:50 SEK/10 km. The public library in Halmstad and lessons via Adobe Connect are free of extra charge.

PAYMENT?N.B! An invoice is sent at the end of each month to facilitate the book keeping, The RUT-deduction, taxes etc. Our company has a strict policy regarding moonlighting, (cash-in-hand work), which we hope you will understand and appreciate. Honesty is something that we value highly and that is something that also will benefit you since we treat all our courses and customers with equal respect.

IF you would like to pay in another currency please let us know.

Steady Schedule

With RUT

Steady Schedule

With RUT

1 a week

429 kr/tim
214.50 kr/tim
 389 kr/tim
194:50 kr/tim

2 a week

419 kr/tim
209.50 kr/tim
 379 kr/tim
189:50 kr/tim

3 a week

409 kr/tim
204.50 kr/tim
 369 kr/tim
184:50 kr/tim


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