Areopagen AB was instituted by a few enthusiasts with a wide range of knowledge, skills and capacity; languages, communication, art, marketing, economy, sound technique, music and web design.

We all share the common vision that this cooperation will enable us to develop and improve our skills so that we will be able to offer the best courses and products available.

We are open to feed back and we will listen with pleasure to the special requirements you might have in order to enhance the quality of what we offer to people.


Sarai Palmlöf is an upper secondary teacher in English, French and Rhetoric which she has been teaching since the early 90´s. Ever since she was a young girl she has attended courses in the art of speaking since she really appreciates to improve her own communications skills. Then she found out that it was possible to study Rhetoric at the University so she attended the courses with immense curiosity and joy. The Professor was filled with fervour for Rhetoric so she was able to learn even more. When she attended University to become a qualified teacher the following courses were included; drama, solving of conflicts and communication so that she could deepen her knowledge in the art of speaking even more.


According to Sarai every one has got the capacity of becoming a better speaker. With the right kind of aid and teaching and a great deal of training it is possible to succeed with whatever you would like to achieve. Besides her work she has had courses in technical English, marketing and analysis of advertisements/commercials for adults. Furthermore she has worked as a simultaneous interpreter and translator in English and French. She studied French at the University of Orléans, focusing on language, theatre, drama, cultural studies and life and institutions in France and of course giving talks since eloquent speech is of great importance for a Frenchman, the ability to use the voice and gestures to convey feelings and opinions. In Paris, at Sorbonne III, she attended a course that focused on linguistics, a deep study of the meaning, importance and nuances of a language when you use it for communication, what is said in reality and how it is perceived. This is something that she carried on research about as she studied English at the university as well, the Power of the Word as a polemical weapon together with the importance of a proper and correct meaning when translating not to lose the purpose of the text and its context.

Apart from this she also carries on trade together with her colleagues with a company in Provence, France. This has helped her in gaining even more knowledge of the French as well as the English cultures and what to take into consideration if you plan on doing business there.

Sarai´s students have always felt that she has helped them individually to reach their optimal capacity and to rejoice over their increased ability to express themselves orally as well as in writing. A few of them have even been granted scholarships. Irrespective of subject they have studied; English, French or Rhetoric they have all had to prepare and give various kinds of talks, to instruct, to inform and to convince apart from having pro-contra debates. Furthermore the students have analyzed advertisements/commercials and created new ones based on rhetorical structures. Consequently Sarai is well trained in educating people from various backgrounds to overcome their anxiety of giving talks, to give them and afterwards to give the students constructive advice in order for them to feel the pleasure and the enormous satisfaction over their achievement.

At present she is making all her experience of teaching Rhetoric, Communication, Marketing, as well as English/French Cultures available for you so that you can become even more secure and better as a speaker no matter if you are dealing with your colleagues or your business partners.

Are you getting curious of what you can learn from Sarai? Have a look at our Courses! And if you would like to have further information or apply for a course, please do not hesitate to contact us here!



Tina Sjöberg is responsible for our economy and our office and she performs her tasks in the most eminent way.

Tina is also very interested in languages, etymology and history so if you would like to find her on her holidays you had better look for her at some archaeological site