Practical Rhetoric

Become better at communicating! To practise Practical Rhetoric generates more customers, increases your self esteem and creates better relations at your working place.

We customize the contents of the course totally in accordance with your specific needs.

Number of participants: 3- 7, (the reason for the number is to give all the attendants the opportunity to deliver a talk. If you wish more people to attend the course it is always possible to extend the course).
Number of occasions to meet: 3 whole days or 6 half days.
Date: Totally according to your wishes.

1 Day 7,000 SEK plus VAT.
2 Days 12,000 SEK plus VAT.
3 Days 15,000 SEK plus VAT.

Plus travel allowance 18:50 kr/10 km

(for the west coast region of Sweden, from Gothenburg down to Malmoe. For other parts of Sweden or other countries please contact us for a price.

If you find yourself interested in this and would like to find out how to register to our courses or if you would like to have further information please contact us