Distance Tuition via Adobe Connect

Is it difficult for you to find time to attend a course?

Adobe Connect is the solution that we have taken to heart and now we offer courses via the web for all of you who would like to improve your English, spoken as well as written, learn more about British Business Culture, deepen your knowledge in Technical English or Business English.

Are you going to Paris in April for a romantic holiday with your loved one or just for a business meeting and you feel that your French is not really up to date? Let us help you to polish it a little so that you can relax and look forward to your adventure with pleasure.

Would you like to become a much better speaker who can captivate your listeners by making your presentations livelier and more interesting but feel that you have little time to set aside to attend a course? Why not attend an individually adapted course in Rhetoric/The Art of Public Speaking via Adobe Connect where you have the option to set a time and date which suits you personally?

For some years we have had popular courses in Swedish for Foreigners who only work here for a few years and have no time to attend any Sfi-courses but still would like to know some basic Swedish, as well as Swedish customs and culture. Some knowhow about the culture facilitates life here considerably. For example: Are you going to take off your shoes or not when you are invited to a Swedish family?

You set the time yourself and the cost is only 350 SEK for 30 Minutes or 550 SEK for 60 Minutes.

Contact us for more information about how and when to begin an individually adapted course and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us via our contact formula!

We are looking forward to hearing from You.